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Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Del Mar

Thinking of where you should relocate next because you’re sick of your hometown and seeing the same scenery every day? If so, Del Mar might just be the place for you!

Located approximately 10 miles to the north of La Jolla Cove is the majestic Del Mar, a place that certain celebrities like Jimmy Durante, Anthony Robbins, and Burt Bacharach proudly call their home. Being one of the countries listed as America’s most expensive zip codes that has the highest median price for homes, living here can come with a huge price tag. However, if you have the financial capabilities to, Del Mar will prove to be worth every penny.

In Del Mar, if you are looking for more high-end luxurious mansions overlooking the seaside at 10,000 square feet, it could set you back about $20,000,000, while residing in a quaint and comfortable smaller condo may cost you less than $400,000. From spacious and majestic dream houses to a cozy studio apartment, Del Mar offers a wide range of residential houses at different price points. For serious money-making investors who want to purchase Del Mar property for staying and as a form of investment in years to come, houses here are becoming increasingly valuable, due to the steady recovery of the economy that suffered tremendously from the housing crisis not too long ago.

Finding a suitable house for yourself is no easy feat as there are countless considerations. Understanding the neighborhood, nearby schools and property trends in the market are crucial when looking for a house, hence a reliable realtor with years of experience is who you should turn to. As for Del Mar’s properties, the values are predicted to rocket in the next two to three decades, because of the changing demographics and rising population size. With the greatest proportion of the population being the Millennials working up the social ladder, the prices of upscale residential properties are certainly going to increase too. Properties with beach coasts or sea views will rise exponentially due to the growing demand, but also drop significantly out of the other properties when the economy takes a dip. Hence, due to the projected steady rise in the economy, houses in Del Mar are generally projected to rise in value.

Not only are the rising values beneficial for investors, but these properties also have low mortgage rates. Purchasing a house for yourself will enable you to reap tremendous profits over the years, instead of helping your landlord make a profit by choosing to rent a house. With the ongoing trend of thirty-year mortgage rates staying below five percent, economists project that the rates may effortlessly hit six or seven percent, and may continue to climb even higher. If you take into account the low mortgage rates as well as interest deduction, it may cost you more money per month if you decide to rent instead of own.

Owning your own coastal property can be a huge form of side-income for you. If you decide to rent it out when Super Bowl comes to town, you can earn as much as $20,000 a week without having to lift a finger! After you earn enough to pay off your mortgage, everything you earn on top of that becomes profits that you can pocket. Hence, if you really think about it and do your calculations, purchasing a coastal Del Mar property to call your own may just be your holy grail to letting your cash roll in.

If you’re planning to use your property as your home instead of for investment purposes, you will be happy to know about the amenities that Del Ma has to offer near your neighborhood. If you have kids and school is a priority for you, you can enroll your children in the nearby school district that is considered to be the cream of the crop in the state of California. Del Mar Elementary School has performed extremely well with a performance score of 968 over 1000. Not only is your child able to attend a school in close proximity of your home, but Del Mar Elementary School is also amongst the upper echelon of all school districts, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s education.

What’s more, there are a plethora of things you can do here as well. For adventure-seekers who prefer sports, you can look forward to swimming at Del Mar City Beach, take your dog for a walk along Dog Beach, and enjoy strolling along with the scenic views of the city. If you want to explore more, take a short drive to some of the most iconic attractions of San Diego, like the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park museums, Sea World and many more!

It’s easy to be enticed by all of these wondrous facts and figures, but relocating is definitely no simple task. One of the most crucial components is deciding on the best moving company; one that is reliable, offers specialty services and can guarantee a smooth relocation experience. Luckily for you, we have a list of some of the top movers in San Diego so read on if you’re looking for a moving company that will make all your relocation dreams come true!  

Superior Movers

Boasting of their impeccable service and friendly staff members, Super Movers are here to help you pack and transport even the biggest and bulkiest equipment or furniture that you have. Got a mega-sized full grand piano waiting in your living room to be carried and moved? It won’t be a problem as nothing can faze this team of professional and dedicated movers who you can entrust your beloved and valuable items with.

Carlsbad Square Moving

Known for their reasonably-priced quotations, Carlsbad Square Moving is your number one choice when it comes to moving a house full of furniture and other valuable belongings. They take pride in their quality services and are a team that will go the extra mile to serve their customers to the best of their abilities. Not only will you have a hassle-free moving experience, but you will also have an enjoyable and pleasant one as well.

Best Fit Movers & Storage

Best Fit Movers & Storage are acclaimed for their friendly and polite staff, making sure that they meet your every need. They are specialized in carrying out the moving process efficiently and effectively, taking out all the stress and anxiety that is normally associated with it. Tailoring their approach towards different customers, Best Fit Movers & Storage will meet and even surpass the expectations of their customers.

1st Choice Movers

Having already created branding and name for themselves, there are indeed many people’s first choice movers. Their top-notch equipment helps package your items securely, protecting them from any possible damage on bumpy roads. Being a company that strives for excellence and priorities quality over quantity, 1st Choice Movers is your top reliable choice for ensuring that your belongings arrive safe and sound right at your doorstep.

U-Pack Moving

Despite them being famous for their extremely affordable prices, U-Pack Movers do not skimp on quality. A company that involves a team of high-skilled and committed individuals, these guys will make sure that your items are undamaged as they handle them with care, yet promise you a prompt delivery as well. With U-Pack Moving, you can bid the anxiety farewell as you relax knowing that your belongings will arrive safely.

Not only do properties in Del Mar serve as a viable money-making tool, but it also contributes as a lovely place to reside in with your family, due to the large array of amenities and things to do there. Our top four movers in San Diego are also always on the ball, promising you a smooth and unproblematic moving experience.





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