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All you need to know about relocating to Golden Hill, CA

Thinking of moving to Golden Hill, California for good? Here is all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether Golden Hill will be a suitable place for you and your family. We have also included some top moving companies to ease your relocation process!

Located east of downtown San Diego, Golden Hill is lined with 5 and 94 freeways, making it extremely accessible. One of San Diego’s oldest neighborhoods, Golden Hill boasts of its fascinating architecture that has undergone a great deal of change over the years. 

When it comes to its rich history, there are many buildings that are still fully functional and dates back to the early 1900s. These iconic buildings are the concrete remnants of the city’s culture, where the colonial and older-style architecture recreate the quaint and charming atmosphere of the past. Large, old buildings along the streets are now used as residential homes for families to reside in, and traditional craftsmen style properties are becoming more popular in recent years. Previously, Golden Hill was a hub full of working-class people, where local talents came to reside since it was a lot more affordable than Hillcrest and Little Italy. It is also a stone’s throw away from downtown, making it a more convenient option to commute to town by bike or by walking without paying exorbitant prices for transport. Golden Hill was also the place of the first Gay Center in San Diego, being the second in the nation back in the 1970s.

Today, Golden Hill has transformed into a modern and chic place of residence, apart from a few renaissance style buildings. 25th street, located at the pinnacle of the Hill has rows of various bars, eateries, and restaurants, like the iconic Turf Supper Club. It is famous for its authentic atmosphere and mood ever since 1956, and it is a favorite place among locals as it gives you the opportunity to try your hand at cooking your own meal on the grill. Golden Hill also offers a plethora of local cuisines like Counterpoint, which is a traditional restaurant serving up mouthwatering dishes, such as classic delights like cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese, and biscuits with gravy. If you’re rushing for time, certain grab and go restaurants offer quick alternatives, like Los Reyes which serves delectable tacos and Mexican dishes for a fast lunch. A little down 25th Street, you will be delighted to find sumptuous pizzas of different toppings, at Pizzeria Luigi. Breakfast spots also include Influx or Krakatoa if you’re looking to have a light breakfast served with tea or coffee, in a chill cafe while catching up on local news.

What’s more, San Diego experiences all four seasons but with milder temperatures, so it is always a good day to be out in the sun! Located at the end of 25th Street up north, Golden Park has the perfect balance of man-made sports facilities and natural greenery. With the gorgeous grass patches, towering trees and old oaks that serve as shelter from the sun, the park also has a loop for residents to break a sweat while walking, running or cycling. It is a perfect place to breathe in some fresh air while soaking up some sunlight as you take a romantic stroll with your loved one; or if you choose to have a quiet afternoon picnic down on the vast green patches. The park is also extremely kid-friendly, due to the large space that it provides, allowing your kids to roam freely without you having to frantically worry about them. If you’re a bike-enthusiast, be sure to participate in the yearly Tour de Fat bicycling event at the park itself.

With a perfect neighborhood comes the greater possibility of moving here, and when you are relocating, you have to take on the daunting task of getting all your items moved as well. Though you can transport them by yourself, it is not the most efficient method— so why not get some help from the professionals? Here are several in-state moving companies that will ensure a hassle and stress-free moving experience, with professional handlers at your service.

Ability Moving and Storage LLC

A locally owned and managed company with more than 30 years of experience and expertise, they boast of their ability to ensure quick, reliable and friendly services. They provide their customers with top-notch packing and moving, guaranteeing that you and your items are in safe and good hands. Customers can look forward to reasonable quotes that do not compromise on the quality of their services and promising you an easy and stress-free relocation process.

All American Relocation

They acclaim to be South Florida’s finest long-distance relocation specialist company, and while acknowledging that moving is a tiresome process, they guarantee you with reliable services that make sure your items and furniture arrive unscathed. They develop a personalized procedure when dealing with different customers, ensuring that all your needs and requests are being met and handled with respect.

Precision Moving & Storage Corporation

Based out of Los Angeles, CA area, they are a professional relocation company that is dedicated to offering quick, efficacious and reasonably-priced services. The team strives for top-notch quality and outstanding services to adhere to and even exceed their customers’ requirements, guaranteeing high-end services at affordable prices. Also, their equipment is of the highest standards, to make sure that all your items are safely protected and undamaged when they arrive.

Sky Moving LLC

Taking pride in their outstanding and dependable relocation services to families, individuals and businesses, they are a team of fully insured, licensed and well-trained professionals. Striving to meet the needs of their customers, they are willing to take the extra mile to ensure that customers have a stress-free and smooth relocation experience. Drawing on their many years of expertise in this industry, they understand the demands of relocation and handle the whole moving process effortlessly and with extreme care.

Carmel Valley Moving Company — Move Central

Move Central provides a complete range of Carmel Valley moving services that make up of a  professionally-skilled and highly-trained team of crew members bringing you the best relocating experience. They formulate specialized schedules for customers and cater to their needs, meeting all expectations and even surpassing them. Why not engage their services and have yourself a smooth transition?

Moving to Golden Hill is a dream come true as the neighborhood not only offers a wide array of dining options, but it also provides many recreational areas for residents to exercise at. Being one of the most attractive places in San Diego, Golden Hill provides a strong sense of kinship and community, and breathtaking views that will wow you. Furthermore, with the list of qualified and professional moving companies at your fingertips, you will be settled down in no time as you enjoy the smooth relocation journey!






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